AsiaLink Enterprise Group Corp.
AsiaLink Enterprise Group Corp.

12700 Park Central Dr.

Suite 1412

Dallas, TX 75251

United States

TEL: (972) 233-1818
FAX: (972) 578-8811
At AsiaLink, we know that for years the soil has been abused. Man has for so long taken from the land without giving back. The soil in much of the world has died and become dessert where once it was thriving and productive. We have to change the way we farm and reverse the chemical addictions of the soil with our wide variety of agricultural products.
Mark Ma
Director of Marketing
(972) 233-1818
Business Details


  Years Established: 16 - 20
  Annual Sales: 1 - 5 million
  No. Employees: 50+
  Type of Business: Other